This is one of the most popular questions asked by vehicle owners in California. “I have leased a vehicle that is having multiple repairs, but does California Lemon Law apply to my leased vehicle.” The important answer is yes: California lemon law does apply to leased vehicles.


An untrained eye reviewing the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California’s lemon Law, might think that the lemon law does not apply to leased vehicles. California Civil Code Section 1793.2(d) requires manufacturers to repurchase or replace lemon vehicles from “buyers” of new vehicles. California Civil Code Section 1791(b) defines a “buyer” as a person who buys consumer goods at retail. There is no mention of a consumer leasing a vehicle or other consumer product. It is this language which leaves most consumers and untrained attorneys believing that there is no lemon law relief for leased vehicles under California’s lemon law. This is why you your lemon law claim should be handled by an expert lemon law attorney.


Vehicles leased in California, whether they are trucks, vans, cars, or SUVs are specifically covered under California lemon law pursuant to Civil Code Section 1795.4(b), which provides that the California lemon law applies to leased vehicles to the same extent that it applies to purchased vehicles.


This is the reason you need a trained California lemon law attorney to help. In the world of lemon law not all attorneys are equal, and some might even qualify as lemon attorneys.

If you have leased a vehicle and are multiple repairs or your vehicle has been out of service for an excessive number of days, you should call an experienced lemon law attorney at Consumer Law Experts today in order to discuss your rights.

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