Is Your Ford Sync System Driving You Crazy? You Are Not Alone!

Voice-activated technology personalized just by you. Staying in touch with the world with hands-free calling and audible text messaging. Sounds too good to be true? Many Ford consumers would say yes!

When Ford and Microsoft teamed up together to introduce the SYNC system with MyFord Touch, Ford received amazing positive press and a lot of eager consumers. Unfortunately for Ford and Ford’s consumers, MyFord Touch and the SYNC system have turned out to be a tremendous let down. Inoperable navigation, consistent and repeated dropped calls, faulty back-up camera, problems with the radio and frozen screen displays are just some of the numerous complaints reported by Ford consumers.

Ford’s consumer ratings have suffered as a result of all of the SYNC issues. Last year Ford ranked 5th in J.D. Power’s rankings and today they are all the way down to 23rd.
If you own a potential lemon Ford with the MyFord Touch system and you have presented your vehicle to an authorized Ford dealership for repair attempts with regard to issues with the SYNC, then you may be driving a lemon and you may be entitled to compensation.

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