A consumer or lessee of a car or truck or other type of vehicle that is purchased or leased with a warranty, enjoys many protections from both state and federal regulations in the event the vehicle does not perform as it should per the warranty. Warranty laws are generally complicated and is difficult to explain in a brief space. The information herein quickly demonstrate the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and what’s generally referred to as “Lemon Law.”

State Lemon Law and the federal Lemon Law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) offer compensation for CA consumers of substandard cars, trucks, vans and other motor vehicles and consumer products including motorcycles, RV’s, motorboats, computer systems together with other consumer appliances and products. To become eligible in the State Lemon Law and the federal Lemon Law, you must have a consumer good that endured numerous repair efforts within the manufacturer’s factory warranty. Lemon Law settlements range from reimbursement, replacement good or cash settlement.

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, known as the CA Lemon Law, was introduced to provide relief to consumers of troublesome motor vehicles and other consumer goods. Typically, the California Lemon Law relates to situations where a manufacturer’s authorized service dealership has been unable to repair the vehicle during the warranty period after being provided a reasonable amount of opportunities to do so. For eligible cars or trucks or other consumer vehicles, the vehicle manufacturer should give the consumer his or her money back and even completely pay down the remaining loan balance or exchange the vehicle with a similar model.

If the consumer is the prevailing party, the California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay for the consumer’s  attorney’s fees and costs.  This makes the lemon laws financially feasible for those who would otherwise not be able to retain a lawyer.

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