Most car manufacturers in the US provide new car warranties, which cover most repairs and defects. When you purchase or lease a new car, the car most likely will have an original manufacturer’s warranty.  If you purchase a used car, it is possible that the car is still covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.  In order to determine whether the used car is still covered under the original manufacturer warranty, you need to know the mileage of the car and the date it was delivered to the original owner and check this information against the terms of the warranty.

The manufacturer warranty provides the consumer with protection for the car for a specified duration of time or a specified mileage limit.  The manufacturer’s warranty is an assurance that various features and components of the vehicle will work properly, and if not, then the automobile manufacturer is responsible for fixing the problem.  Not all components of a car are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.  For example, tires and brakes are typically excluded.

If  the automobile manufacturer or an authorized service dealership of the manufacturer attempts to repeatedly repair problems with your car during the warranty, you may have a Lemon Law case.  If your car is deemed to be a lemon then the manufacturer, per the Lemon Laws, shall refund your money or provide you with a replacement car.

When it comes to used vehicles, it is possible that you may be protected by the lemon laws. If the car is a certified pre-owned or if the original manufacturer warranty is still in effect, the car should be covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty.  This allows the consumer to be protected by the Lemon Law should there be an ongoing issue with the car that cannot be repaired.  When buying a used car, always ask the dealer for all of the car’s documents, especially the manufacturer’s warranty.

Warranty service for new, used or leased cars is provided at no charge to the consumer.  If the dealer is unable to repair the issue that is covered under warranty, and the car is deemed a lemon, the consumer is entitled to a replacement vehicle or a full refund.  If your car has been repeatedly repaired and you think you have a lemon, you should explore your lemon law rights today. A Lemon Law attorney can assist you when dealing with the automobile manufacturer. Call the Lemon Law Experts today at (877) 885-5366 for a fast and free case evaluation.